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  • Taking the TOEFL exam!

    Today, seven of our Global course students headed out to Nagaoka for the TOEFL exam! We offer it twice a year for 2nd and 3rd year students in the Global course. We can’t wait to see how they’ve progressed! Read More »
  • About school trip!

    Hello I’m Sophie, we went to America last month for a school trip, It’s really a colorful and meaningful trip for me. This is the my first time to go to America,I was excited when I in the airport.The first […] Read More »
  • School festival ^^

        Hello! My name is Maya. My school have a lot of festival but today I will write about the most recent festival took place on October 16th. This festival is themed about Halloween holiday, each class will organize their […] Read More »
  • School trip in US

    I went to the US for a school trip. I have already been to the US before, but I hadn’t been to Carbondale. My homestay family live in Marion, so it was first time to go there too.   I could experience […] Read More »
  • School trip in America

    I went to America. I got many experience there. At first, I went to Chicago by airplain. I made the physical condition bad in the plane. Because plain ride is bumpy and in-flight meal is bad. I arrived the hotel […] Read More »
  • School Festival

    Our class did Halloween Fortune Café for the school festival. We did Birthday Fortune Telling, Mind Reader, Tarot Card Reading and Fortune Slip. We also sold juice and snacks. I did Fortune Slip afternoon, it was really interesting, I enjoy […] Read More »
  • Hi ! I’m Tony !

    I’m Tony , Global2-1’s new student . I like American Super hero movie and Japanses anime . When I’m free I like watching movie and playing games. Do you know<The Big Bang Theory>? This is my favorite American dorama. It’s […] Read More »
  • SCHOOL TRIP IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went to America on a school trip. I felt America is very big! For example, hamburgers, people, citys, houses, etc. The food I ate in America were so delicious! I like American food better than Japanese food. My host […] Read More »
  • My school trip in America!

    I traveled from 29th Sep until 6th Oct. I went to America for the first time. I was so nervous before I arrived at America but I experienced many things there. I will introduce them. At first, we went to Chicago. […] Read More »
  • ***My First School Festival***

    The school festival in Kaishi, Koukosai was my first one and the best one. I had not done a school festival in my life before this. It is because the school in America never does this kind of event. I […] Read More »
  • The school festival is finish ヽ(´∀`)人(・ω・)人(゚Д゚)人ワショーイ

    This year, my class did Halloween fortune café .We make and put many star on the wall and glass, it’s so difficult, but look like night sky. In Halloween fortune café , we have four theme. The tarot,  paper fortune, birthday fortune […] Read More »
  • 紅虎祭~Face Painting~

    We had a face painting shop!!! Fortunately a looooooooooot of people came! We were so busy that we didn’t have time to go to other places T^T I did a Harley Quinn makeup!!! (of course I’m not gonna show you)  and I kinda messed […] Read More »
  • Our class was held face paint.It was very popular! I felt very happy.

  • Hi,it’s me again.

    I don’t know why i need to do this again.Michael say do this so i do this again.Just let me to talk about a story. Long long long times ago,have a traditional family live in China.It’s sounds like great Read More »
  • I got soooooooo good memory

    On October 15th I had school festival in Kaishi. The name is “紅虎祭(Koukosai)” This event is for the first time to did when I came to high school. It was great because a lots of people came to our class room. […] Read More »