About Kaishi Global

Welcome to Kaishi Kokusai’s global course! In our course, we have two rules:

1. Learn with English

English homeroom

With a native English homeroom teacher, use English even outside of English class!

Projects, not textbooks!

Debates, speeches, essays, and more: a new project every month to use and master your English.

An international family

Learn together with students from many countries and speak English naturally, every day.

2. Live with English

English friends

Make friends with both native speakers as well as other students using English every day!

A foreign lifestyle

English TV after lunch, American movies in the evening, and English games to enjoy every week!

Study abroad

Want to leave for a year? No problem! We’ll help you prepare to study away from Japan.

Our homeroom teachers

Michael Hominick

Global course, year 1 – homeroom teacher

Hello! I’m Michael, and I’m from Texas in the US. I came over to Japan after graduating from Duke University, and I’ve been here for ten years. I’m a fan of Japanese curry and yosakoi, but I love helping students grow to express themselves in English.

Martin Sedaghat

Global course, year 2 – homeroom teacher
Nice to meet you! My name is Martin, and I’m from California in the USA. I studied at UC Berkeley and then came to Niigata about ten years ago. My hobbies are reading, drawing, and playing board games. I want to help my students to learn about themselves and the world through English.

New Teacher!!

Hello! My name is ???, and I’m from Miami, Florida in the USA. I graduated from Florida International University and have lived in Japan for thirteen years. I enjoy watching football (soccer) games and snowboarding in the Japanese Alps. I love being a teacher and helping my students progress and reach their goals.